Discussion Guides

In my work as an employee and freelancer with Willow Creek Association, I have contributed to the writing and design of more than 60 downloadable PDF training tools and discussion guides. The most complex discussion guides I have worked on are the Global Leadership Summit Team Edition Process Tools, designed to accompany conference session videos and used by teams to discuss the session content and decide on their action steps. The tools range from 55 to 155 pages and include detailed outlines and process questions for each session.

When I first worked on the Team Edition tool in 2008, I was only responsible for writing the outline and process questions for each session, but throughout the project I observed many improvements that could be made in the process. I wrote a proposal to revise the process and in 2009 was able to implement it, first on a smaller scale with a different team edition project, and then for the 2009 Global Leadership Summit Team Edition. My colleague wrote the content, which I helped edit. Then, having taught myself how to use Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, I did the design work by adapting an existing template. Because I knew the content intimately, and my colleagues and I had a shared vision for how the tool would be used, the design and routing process was able to proceed much more smoothly than in the past.

After I left the WCA staff, I created the 2010 and 2011 tools as an independent contractor, doing all the writing and design work myself (using the existing event branding and artwork). In 2012, I not only created the tool but also wrote and distributed a survey to past purchasers to learn empirically for the first time how the resource is used in churches and other organizations. I compiled the survey results and made recommendations to increase the tool's usability.

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